Mexico: Pilots and crew members denounce Aeromar payment default and consider going on strike


Mexico’s largest regional airline has been struggling financially for several years. The health crisis ended up increasing its debts. These include salaries and benefits of over 25 million Mexican pesos (US$1,211,575) for company employees. The Airline Pilots Union Association (ASPA) and the Aviation Flight Attendants Union Association (ASSA) denounced the non-compliance and did not rule out the possibility of a strike.

Humberto Gual Ángeles, secretary general of ASPA de México, in a press release published on January 24, pointed out that the unilateral reduction in salary and the violations of the collective labor agreement (CCA), which expired on January 25 , have already been reported. . However, the pilots approved an extension until February 2 to avoid a strike and give Aeromar a chance to reconsider its position and cover the 9 million Mexican pesos (436,167 USD) owed.

The company agreed with the 113 pilots to reduce their salaries by 10%, which meant 60 million Mexican pesos (2,907,778 USD) in savings, but the company plans to make a further unilateral reduction of 30%.

“The ASPA pilots agreed to negotiate. Since the pandemic outbreak, we have supported the company with more than 60 million pesos in salary reduction; Aeromar is still flying today partly thanks to the contribution that, since 2017, its pilots have made, ”assured Humberto Gual Ángeles.

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Meanwhile, members of the Asociación Sindical de Sobrecargos de Aviación (ASSA), denounced constant non-compliances in payment agreements for nearly 16 million pesos (775,408 USD).

The ASPA specifies that it has contributed to dealing with the health crisis over the past two years. But now they are asking the company to do its part and look after the interests of their workforce.

“Aeromar refuses to comply: at each negotiation, it presents payment plans, but never materializes them; this has been the constant since December 2020. We have postponed the strike as a sign of good faith that negotiation is possible. However and once again, we appeal to the sensitivity of the administration to respect the agreed commitments,” ASPA said.

Aeromar also has arrears with creditors such as Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

It was recently announced that Aeromar is seeking financial backing from Bancomex for a $75 million loan. It has also been confirmed that they intend to operate from Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA).


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