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JAIPUR: The rapid change in the way of life of rural people has resulted in excessive spending on their part. Sociologists have noted a tendency that the sense of upward mobility forces farmers to use scarce resources to meet lifestyle needs rather than agriculture, disrupts their financial calculations, leading them into debt.
TOI does not claim that this practice is adopted by all farmers. Based on the testimonies of certain farmers, banking officials, sociologists and psychologists declaring that some of the farmers abuse the facilities made available to them.
Raju Singh from Suniel village in Jhalawar spent the loan taken out last year for the marriage of his two daughters. He had no other means than the loan money to spend on the wedding. “Selling part of the land was out of the question because it belongs to the whole family which includes my two young brothers. The credit agency gave Rs 10,000 per bigha against 30 bigha. I used my loan amount of Rs1 lakh for 10 bigha on the marriage, ”said Singh who has no idea how he will deposit interest and principal at a time when his garlic products are gone. ‘have no takers.
Besides spending for events, farmers spend to buy tractors, pumps, bicycles and other household items. An official from the Kisan Mitra credit agency told TOI that they found out that farmers used to use the farm loan for their personal expenses.
“During our observations, we found that they were spending money on cellphones, bicycles, household items, etc. When you spend less on the farm or crops, production will be affected,” the official said on condition of anonymity. These credit agencies do not have such a mechanism to control spending by farmers.
Rizwan Khan, a farmer who lives in the upscale town of Kota, recalled that most of his family live in urban centers. They moved 2 decades ago for a better education and a better life. “Farming generates income which is only enough for 3-4 months, while for the rest of the year all my siblings are engaged in other economic activities,” said Khan, who is fortunate enough to to be engaged in a healthy business.
However, in many cases farmers are unlucky. Murlidhar Meena from the village of Sripura in Kota who committed suicide on June 23 had a loan of Rs 6 lakh. His brother told us that the deceased valued his standing crop at around 10 lakh and spent the money accordingly.
SS Nathwat, former head of psychology department at the University of Rajasthan who conducted a study on farmers in Punjab drew a parallel with Rajasthan. “The feeling of upward mobility due to the blurring of the line between rural and urban areas puts farmers who usually come from a poor and lower middle class in this perplexing situation. The race for upward mobility is motivated purely by the economic resource followed by education. In this process, they spend too much on tools that elevate their status and often fall into economic hardship, ”Nathawat said.

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