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Bombay, August 3: It is a dream of everyone to have their own house in fact it is also a great need. But in cities like Mumbai-Pune, property prices have risen exponentially. You must therefore take out a mortgage to buy a house. But the bank has to pay a lot of interest for this loan. In this case, doing some long-term financial planning may be a good option. For the full cost of your home to be recovered. SIP is a good alternative for this. From the start of the EMI, if you start a SIP with only 20% of a month’s installment, after 20 years you will get the cost of the bank loan and the full interest return on it. In the Financial Xpress report, BPN Fincap Director AK Nigam says investing in stocks is a good long-term option. In the long term, many market risks are hedged. Choosing a diversified equity fund can also be a good option. Looking at performance charts, many funds have returned 12-15% or more over the past 20 years.

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30 lakh loan calculation for 20 years

>> Loan Value: 30 Lakh >> EMI Duration: 20 years >> Interest Rate: 8% >> Monthly EMI: Rs 25093 >> Total Interest: Rs 30,22,368 >> Total Payment: Rs 60 ,22,368

How to recover the total cost of SIP?

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Here you owe SIP 20% of the EMI value every month which will be around Rs 5000. Assuming 14% interest per annum on this, the valuation of SIP after 20 years is Rs 66 lakh. In this case, your total investment will be Rs 12 lakh. So the interest will be 54 lakhs. So here you will get a little more leverage than your loan.

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Funds with the highest SIP returns in 20 years

>> ICICI Pru Technology: 20%/year >> SBI Consmpn Opp: 19.5%/year >> Nippon Ind Growth: 19.5%/year >> SBI Magnum Global: 19%/year >> ICICI Pru FMCG: 19%/year >> Quant Active: 17.5%/year

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