SALLY SORTS IT: Claim for compensation that turned into a car accident


SALLY LE TRI: I waited three years for my car accident compensation even though the other driver admitted full responsibility

In November 2019 I was involved in a car accident and injured my back.

The driver who hit my vehicle acknowledged the full responsibility of his insurance company and mine. Minster Law Solicitors accepted my claim, but I haven’t received anything yet.

I run my own dog walking business out of my van, so once the vehicle was written off, I had to buy a new one out of my own pocket – or, should I say, with the help of my parents.

Claim: A reader had to wait almost three years for full compensation after being involved in a car accident that left him in pain and without a vehicle for work

Due to the injuries I sustained, and while looking for a new van, I was off work for several weeks.

I was referred to a physiotherapist appointed by Minster Law, which did not help, and my lower back pain remained. Eventually I referred myself to a chiropractor at my own expense and have spent the past two and a half years going weekly to try and fix the back pain.

I went back to work as soon as I got my new van in December 2019. It’s physical work and so constantly in pain is unpleasant, but I had to pay the bills and couldn’t afford to. leave me.

I sued Minster Law over my compensation for almost three years. The company sent me to see a doctor who assessed my symptoms and agreed that the injuries were the result of the accident. I was referred to a specialist for a spinal nerve injection in October 2021.

I’m always the one looking for an answer and each time it’s the same: either the firm hasn’t heard from someone yet, or the wrong document has been sent by this person. Each step seems to take weeks.

I’m in a tough financial spot right now, with all of this happening just before Covid hits and I’m self-employed and single.

I now risk losing my house and having to move in with my parents, which I don’t want to have to do.

If I could just get the compensation I deserve for an accident that wasn’t my fault, I think that would help.

JM, Wakefield.

Sally Hamilton replies: Living with pain while trying to make a living must be unbearable.

During our conversation, you explained how the other driver’s insurer paid for your van without hesitation. But the problem is that you had leased your vehicle and the payment simply paid off the loan from the finance company. You had to turn to your parents for a loan; you really don’t want to lose your home and your independence.

I contacted Minster Law on your behalf and asked them why it took so long to arrange compensation with the third party insurer after your debilitating accident.

Stuart Hanley, Head of Legal Practice at Minster Law, has left to investigate your case.

A few days later he admitted that you had experienced poor service. A member of the team then apologized to you directly. Mr. Hanley says some aspects of your case that contributed to the delays are beyond the company’s control.

He says issues surrounding the accuracy of your medical assessment and the fact that you are still receiving treatment mean the case is complex.

He says: “However, we accept that more could have been done to counter at least some of these delays.”

Unfortunately, the company cannot yet say how much you are likely to receive. But in the meantime, after my intervention, they agreed to send you £500 as an apology for bad service, unrelated to your compensation claim, and they appointed a complaints handler more experienced in the matter .

He also arranged for interim compensation of £1,000. I hope this will keep the wolves away from the door.

To the point

My wife and I were traveling by train from Leighton Buzzard to Doncaster. At the station, my wife was knocked down by an escalator, causing serious injuries which resulted in a trip to the hospital before returning home. I requested a refund from the Trainline but were refused.

TS, via email.

Rail industry rules mean that the type of ticket you have purchased is non-refundable but, after Money Mail intervened, a spokesperson agreed to issue a full refund.


After buying Kinder egg products for my grandchildren at Easter, they all had to be thrown away because salmonella was found in one of their factories. I requested a refund and received no response.

SC, Bromley.

Ferrero, owner of Kinder, said the situation was “completely unprecedented” and apologized for not responding. A purchase voucher of a value equivalent to the price of the products concerned has been offered to you.


I bought two travel insurance policies from Staysure by mistake. That was four months ago and I have been fighting for a refund of £228.46 ever since.

CM, The Wirral.

A Staysure spokesperson says they processed your refund the day before I contacted them and will call you to make sure it has been settled. The insurer also paid an additional £50 to apologize for the inconvenience.

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